If you wish to improve your business performance, ensure projects are successful or if you need transformational change, then you have landed on the right web page. With wise old heads and new technologies Sophix can provide visualisation of business issues and successfully manage a change programme to keep your business growing. Why not contact us and see if we have a solution to address your current challenge. Read more about Sophix

Why are Sophix Different?

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We deliver clarity, direct communication and deep insights in all of our projects. Over the past ten years we have successfully delivered large scale business re organisations, change programmes, governance and compliance programmes and the transformation of the sales organisations in a wide range of client companies. Successful projects result for our system thinking, business experience and willingness to dig deeply into the cause and impact of issues that impact our clients. We pride ourselves in the level of knowledge and understanding we gain of our client’s challenges.

The typical Sophix team member has over twenty five years experience working for and with large multinational organisations, indigenous Irish businesses and the public sector. This resourceful cadre of business experience backs up our determination to uncover the issues impacting clients and deliver effective solutions

Sophix utilise the best people, tools, methods and business models to deliver systems thinking, joined-up business roadmaps, clear observation and implementation guidance to achieve clients goals. Where relevant we will also engage in actively deploying the new business processes or active customer engagements to enshrine the new business model or process into a living thriving activity generating a positive outcome for the customers of our clients. This enables our teams to deliver successful outcomes in less time.

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