Business Process Optimisation

Which track ?

Successful companies will compete and succeed on the basis of differentiation which is fuelled by the effectiveness its processes. Processes are at the core of your business and every activity action and decision stems from this base. Excellence in design, adoption and deployment of business processes is the true differentiator and a key to success.

Business processes can be unnecessarily complex. Over time your original “defined process” can drift into modified common practice or even an assumed practice, gradually slipping out of alignment with the original definition and at times may even stray away from corporate policies and goals. Bringing them back to the original intention or changing the process to meet new challenges requires vision , discipline and some determination to make the necessary changes the new, successfully implemented and accepted business practice. We apply common sense, system thinking and easy to understand terms to define and explain the real business issues that need to be addressed. We create easy to understand, visualizations of the existing business issues and model the future combining the key elements of people, processes and resources in a clear picture to be shared with all the stakeholders.

A clearly documented process model is a valuable tool to bring clarity to the business and avoid entrenchment within corporate silos. Maximum benefit will be gained from a comprehensive model that captures the entire composition of the business. The model reflects the competitive issues of cost, timeliness and quality as well as the interaction of business units delivering services to your clients. Once built the components of the model can be continually analysed, examined and changed. With a secure knowledge base covering your processes, people, resources, policies and accreditations you have a reliable base on which to plan, grow and to improve your business

Service focus: Business Process Optimisation

We work with clients to understand the business and to clearly appreciate the context of the challenge that the business currently needs to address:

  • Baseline of business objectives and the context of the change requirement.
  • Alignment of business strategy business processes
  • Efficiency audits
  • Compliance with regulation, risk profile or operational model
  • System requirements analysis for efficiency improvement, automation, acquisition or generic growth