Change Management

Controlled pressure

Change is a constant. Every living thing on the planet is constantly changing. As we grow older we change simply due to an aging process or possibly due to the impact of our involvement with others. We change or need to modify to co exist or to develop in a new set of circumstances. Yet change is possibly the most feared and most resisted action in any organisation. The ability and willingness to embrace change is a competence which underpins high performing companies. Understanding the dynamics of change, the impact on all stakeholders in the business, the need to continuously improve and the disruption this can cause to all involved are just some of the issues that need to be contended with. Change is a necessary journey that needs to be planned and undertaken with clear guidelines. Communication and its confident and consistent delivery are possibly the most critical skill to support any change initiative. Without planning and excellent communication you could end up arriving at a place you did not intent to go with great difficulties in moving forward or back.

The Sophix team brings many years experience of both business and IT change programmes to bear, across a range of organisations in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Distribution and Public Sectors. We have a deep understanding of the implications for the people, processes and procedures that must be addressed to ensure that change is successfully implemented and accepted as the new ‘Business As Usual’.

People are the most important asset in delivering project’s. Our consultants deliver programme and project management and will provide the leadership support to the business in developing and delivering a change programme. Understanding the stakeholders and the pressure points they will encounter and providing a clear vision of the tasks and challenges ahead is a core focus of all of our change programmes.

Service focus: Change Management

  • Vision clear project assessment and visualization
  • Stakeholder analysis and goal setting
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Establishing project governance
  • Project definition, goal setting and resourcing
  • Project initiation and monitoring
  • Managing people, other resources and time
  • Benefits realisation