Sales performance.

Target success

The most fundamental activity in any business is sales. If you have a capability, service, skill or product particularly of others have a similar offering then it’s necessary to sell the benefits of your service over anybody else’s offering. Sounds simple and straight forward. It is. Finding the potential customer with a need for the things you feel you do best and can sell profitably at an acceptable price should be simple. But it does get complicated.

Clients needs change, competition drives many changes and keeping track of client sentiment is not always easy. Try selling in multiple geographies, with multiple products and services, different compliance , regulation and business rules, vastly different local customs and conventions and varying tastes.

The challenge to build consistent recurring sales gives rise to a number of questions for sales people and sales management, such as:

  • Is there an existing demand for the product/services or must we stimulate the demand?
  • Has the customer changed and are we selling to the correct contacts.
  • Do we have a suitable offering? Does it still address the business needs of the client or have they changed
  • Is our offering better than the competitions? What is the criterion for “better”
  • Can our sales people convince customers? Do they know what the real issues are now
  • Can we convert customers to clients by selling to them on an ongoing basis?
  • How can we be sure the sales pipeline if large enough and of sufficient quality to feed manufacturing or generate sufficient revenues to meet targets
  • How do we analyse activity to ensure we are doing the right things to day to cover our needs in the future

Service focus: Sales Performance.

The sales service is both time and context based. Depending on your needs to urgently address a lack of sales or to structure a new business proposition we can tailor the services to meet your need. We can deploy a war room team to address declining sales and immediately address the widening gap between costs and profits generated by revenue. Alternatively we can build a new business proposition, sales and marketing plan and train the sales team on the new go to market proposition.

Services are based on the following topics.

  • Baseline assessment of current sales proposition, sales capability, resources, and sales strategy
  • Develop a war room structure to address pipelines, base sales, new business and channel strategy
  • Review product, services and client profiles. Restructure a new value proposition and develop resources to support the revised focus
  • Accurate activity management, customised CRM to meet the business
  • Supporting sales management for business quality, risk assessment and cycle management
  • Integrating Marketing, Sales and sales operations.
  • Reward schemes driving business growth.
  • Coaching for high value sales
  • “Sales for non sales people”. Developing the corporate knowledge for sales activity and establishing a truly sales focused company